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chinese home decor in the decoration the advantages of the wood coffee table

The other day, in China furniture online see above a paper about the chinese home decor articles, introduction of is the wood coffee table, through their own detailed understanding of, and sums up the following wood coffee table advantages.

Wood coffee table of natural material, have affinity with nature, gentle tonal, exquisite craft, suitable for and composed air of the sofa of furniture to match.

1, solid surface material, no pore, infiltration;
2, the absolute environmental protection, non-toxic, no radiation, can be in direct contact with food mesa;
3,The water, oil, and have strong responsibility, bacteria resistance, easy clean;
4, feel wen run, cold and heat resistance, impact resistance, durable, no deformation;
5, flexibility is good, strong model, heating bending forming, more customers to unconstrained imagination creative concept;

6, each color with the same color glue, plate can joining together seamlessly, machining strong (use carpentry tool can be machined, can use the construction method, easy to grind the combination of lace), repair the gender is good (defect sag can epair, construction when bad can be reforming)
7, product color is rich and colorful, have pure colour, hemp color, transparent particles series collocation is follow one's inclinations, can satisfy all sorts of different design requirements, let your imagination free play.
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